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The Affordable Health Care Act – What The Small Business Owner Needs To Know

usaIf you are a small business owner, then you need to know how the  Affordable Health Care Act / Obamacare will impact your operations, your business resources, and workforce management.

The Concern

Many small businesses assume that if they have less than 50 employees, then they are under the radar for compliance, but that could be a problem because they also misunderstand how the number of employees is calculated under the law.  This is particularly common when dealing with part-time employees, who may drift in and out of eligibility status every pay period based on average hours worked  in that period.  The same applies if a company knows that it has 50 employees and is subject to the employer shared responsibility rules, but if included in the fifty is the hiring of “variable employees” or employees with irregular schedules, then complications may lead to expensive impact with ObamaCare determinations because these employees may also switch in and out of eligibility based on their average hours during each testing period, and could cause the total count to go over or under fifty.

So How Can We Help?

Time Systems International (TSI) will show you how our Time and Attendance, Workforce Management and Scheduling systems can help your organization manage costs and compliance associated with the Affordable Care Act.  Compliance and administration with the ACA will not be sufficiently handled by spreadsheets, or in house reports. However, TSI’s workforce management tools provide complete automation and accurate information at your finger tips enabling you to be proactive as decisions need to made and minimizing ACA compliance risk.

TSI’s systems and software can provide accurate information about hours worked by full-time and part-time employees so you have the data necessary to comply with applicable ACA regulations. Our systems deliver analysis of employee data that will help you determine benefit eligibility, thus improving compliance and assisting in reducing financial penalties.  You will be able to monitor your workforce schedules, benefits enrollment, time records, all in real time. Our systems provide comprehensive auditing and reporting features that will permit you to provide evidence of your ACA compliance efforts to government agencies.

Now is the time to learn more about how Time and Attendance, Scheduling, and Analytics solutions from TSI can help your organization manage costs and compliance associated with the Affordable Care Act. Contacting a Time Systems International representative today.