Access Control

Access Control SystemsAccess Control from Time Systems International (TSI) manages employee admittance into controlled areas, preventing unauthorized admittance of non-employees, and is fully integrated with our time and attendance software. The access control software lets managers control who will be allowed to use designated entryways and when. Access Control provides greater control of employee movements by restricting entrance outside work schedules. In addition, a facility’s doors can be scheduled to lock and unlock at designated times, so all personnel can pass at will.

Our time and attendance with access control software generates a variety of reports, so managers can see which personnel have accessed specific entryways, and trace the movement of guards touring the facility giving your full workforce management.

  • Eliminate unauthorized overtime and limit designated areas to authorized personnel only
  • Define the exact time interval when employees can enter a punch.
  • Lock out or warn employees who try to clock in or out when they are not scheduled.
  • Control admittance to secure areas of your company.
  • Lock out unauthorized personnel.
  • Lock out tardiness.
  • Lock out early birds.
  • Have your employees punch IN/OUT when and where they are supposed to according to company policies, not their own.
  • Force late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor in order to punch.
  • Control punching by employee, time of day, and day of week.
  • Limit employee access to all areas of your operation or to specific areas only.
  • Greet your employees with a friendly message.
  • Automate the Guard tour log process.
  • Guards can log at data collection points or carry a portable device and log at tour check points. Guards can also log incidents through the Access system.
  • Activate any type of relay activated device, doors, gates, lights and more.

With TSI’s Time and Attendance with Access Control you can program the TSI time-clocks to permit entry to doors, gates, or any other area you would like to secure. In addition, you will know exactly who entered, the time entered, and the duration stayed. The system even tracks employees that tried to gain access but were denied.

Access Control is completely integrated with Time & Attendance Management software and operates without automatically rekeying of data. Access Control integrates with many of the Data Collection Solutions & time clocks.