TSI 7500 Features


  • Allow employees to clock IN/OUT and leave time card notes online
  • Track lunches, breaks, and job/department transfers
  • Electronic time sheet submittal with job costing available
  • Optional clock IN/OUT from a telephone
  • View employee time cards online
  • View Schedules with department and job info online
  • Review leave benefit balances
  • Request for time off, ie. PTO, Sick, Vacation online
  • Receive Supervisor messages


  • List of all missing punch exceptions
  • Approve or deny employee leave request with calendar view
  • Search for specific employees in large databases
  • Assign and edit schedules online
  • Enter pay adjustments for reimbursement or expenses
  • Send messages to employee self service view
  • Automate reports and have them e-mailed to supervisors at predetermined times, ie daily, weekly, mothly and yearly
  • Automates attendance tracking, the calculation of employee time, & wages and tracks exempt employees
  • Supports an unlimited number of shifts, pay codes, pay rules, and up to 15 levels of labor distribution
  • Runs from your favorite browser, ie Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera
  • Provides extensive payroll and management reports
  • Exports hours directly to most popular third-party payroll providers, ie Quickbooks, Paychex, ADP
  • Supports an unlimited number of time clocks, including biometric fingerprint and HandPunch time clocks
  • 3 Levels of approvals – Employee, Supervisor & Administrator
  • Powerful security configurations such as locking down allowable computers
  • Applies Your Pay Rules


  • Eliminates adding up time card
  • Eliminates missing punch overpayments
  • Compiles employee data into a multitude of informative reports
  • Helps develop employee schedules
  • Grows to meet your expanding business needs
  • Breaks down employee time by up to 15 labor levels
  • Track multiple locations in one central database