Established in 1920, Time Systems International (TSI) originally specialized in the production of mechanical time clocks for businesses in the New York metropolitan area. We quickly became the vendor of choice for international clients from Argentina to England who appreciated the cost-effective importance of accurate time tracking, time keeping and time recording.

Transitioning with technology, TSI developed one of the first computerized time-tracking and time-recording products in 1979. Clients who previously utilized mechanical time clocks from TSI over the previous 40 years could then benefit from one of the first computerized time-tracking and time-recording products, producing substantial bottom-line savings for those clients.

Today, TSI offers cutting edge time & attendance solutions to thousands of businesses. We offer a variety of cost effective clock data collection methods such as badge terminals, electronic time-sheets, Biometric Hand, Face, & Fingerprint recognition readers, PC clocks, web-clocks, telephony systems, and other peripheral devices. Our labor management solutions include web-based, server based, & desktop time and attendance software, and can export data to over two hundred payroll services to help you process payroll quickly and efficiently. At Time Systems International we accommodate virtually any timekeeping need.

Headquartered in Englewood, New Jersey, customer satisfaction is our top priority. TSI serves the time and attendance needs of over 10,000 customers nationally and internationally.