TSI-1000 Features


Payroll Automation: Uniformly and comprehensively applies an unlimited number of pay policies and shifts to time and  attendance data.

Ease of Use: TSI-1000 is completely menu driven.  For ease of operation, the system allows each user to arrange the information in an order that is convenient for them.  Color-coded notations on the electronic timecard easily identify  exceptions.

Strategic Reporting: There are over 75 reports available, which can be run by pay period or by any selected date range. Reports can be displayed on screen, printed, emailed, or sent  to a data file.

Customize: TSI-1000 offers administrators the ability to change the names of key fields within the menu and reporting system.  In addition, TSI-1000 allows users to define six  system fields in the employee master record.

HR Functions: Tracks employee attendance, employee tardiness, department transfers, job transfers, schedules,  automates employee time and wage calculations.

Payroll Processing: TSI-1000 comes standard with an export feature that allows you to send data to a third party payroll system without the need to re-enter this information into the  payroll software.

Imports/Exports: TSI-1000 comes standard with an import/export feature that allows users bring data into the system and export data out to a third party payroll system or  other software packages.

Spot Trends: Not only can TSI-1000 show users when sick days were taken, it can produce Trend Analysis to show users  how many days are taken and on which day of the week.

Security: Each user has a unique User ID and Password. Filters are included to allow supervisors to access only their  respective employees.

Employee Messaging: TSI-1000 displays employee names at  the data terminal for swipe validation.

Autoprocess: Allows users to set a specific date/time to poll the information from the data collection devices, as well as run  reports and print or email them directly to supervisors.

Optional Bell Ringing: Allows you to define bell-ringing schedules and program the data collection devices to activate  a user-supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device.

Optional Benefit Accruals: Allows you to define benefit accrual calculations that automatically update your employee’s  accrual balances.

Optional On-line PC-Based Time Clock: Allows employees  to perform all normal time clock functions at their PC.

Optional PDA Clock: The Optional PDA Time Clock Module allows employees to perform all normal time clock functions on their PDA.  Supervisor mode allows supervisors to perform transactions for their crew on an individual or group basis.