Biometric Fingerprint Overview


Time Systems International’s TSI-745 Biometric Time & Data Terminal can record employee time, allow employees to transfer between departments/jobs and accept tip inputs.  The TSI-745 is perfect fit for a multitude of industries including restaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, banks,  manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and many others.

The TSI-745 functions as a simple to use data collection point for employee information.  It can be linked to a variety of existing computer networks in your organization to complement the management information systems you already have in place.  By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time cards thereby reducing  both payroll costs and errors.

The TSI-745 guarantees accurate, reliable input.  Employees simply enter information through the TSI-745’s keypad, by swiping a magnetic stripe or proximity badge.  In addition, the TSI-745’s Biometric capability positively identifies the employee, eliminating buddy punching. Employee feedback is provided through audible accept/reject tones and displayed  messages.

Communication between the TSI-745 is on a polled basis. Entering punches is as easy as swiping a badge or keying in a pin number.  Alternately, an employee can press a function key and be prompted to enter additional information such as a department or job number.  In restaurant environments the TSI-745’s Tip key can accept up to two types of tip inputs, cash and charge.  Each piece of information is stored in the terminal’s memory until requested by the host computer. The TSI-745 can be programmed to display employee messages and control a bell.  The TSI-745 collects this data and transfers it to your computer via RS232 serial, RS485 LAN,  internal dial-up modem or Ethernet communications.

The TSI-745 is constructed of injection-molded plastic that provides a tough, yet lightweight and attractive case. The TSI-  745’s internal battery provides full operation if power is lost.

What kind of data would you like to collect? Accurate tracking and reporting of employee time is essential to determining productivity.  The TSI-745 provides an easy and cost effective means of gathering this type of data.  If the data you’re after can be mag-striped, proximity encoded, entered through a keypad or biometrically identified, the TSI-745 can time stamp it, record it, and feed it to your computer, while performing other tasks at the same time. Put the power of automated data collection to use in your business!