Face Recognition and Body Temperature Detection Terminal

FRX8 Face Body Temperature Recognition Terminal

Due to concerns associated with COVID-19 and the transmission of any virus from touching contaminated surfaces such as time clocks, thousands of companies have moved to cloud-based software with contactless face recognition terminals. The TSI-FR8500 face recognition terminal has the added benefit of body temperature and mask detection with notifications to alert managers when an employee has a high temperature or a missing mask.

How Does It Work?

After being enrolled, the employee simply walks up to the TSI-FR8500 to clock in or out. The punches are instantaneously sent to our cloud-based software that will calculate the hours according to your company’s policies. The software can track and calculate benefit hours such as vacation, sick and PTO and interface to any payroll service or software.  By eliminating the manual process of calculating time cards, the error factor associated with that manual process and one employee punching for another, our system can save at lease $1,000 per employee every year!

What Else?

The TSI-FR8500 adopts contactless recognition technology which includes temperature detection and masked individual identification. This eliminates hygiene concerns among employees and prevents any contact between individuals within a facility. This is the ideal choice to stay in compliance with health restrictions and workplace cleanliness standards.

This terminal is suitable for warehouses, factories, healthcare facilities, schools, and commercial buildings to stay compliant during this global pandemic. Combined with our software you can generate temperature reports, send fever notifications, and receive real-time alerts from the mobile application.


  • Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Contactless (zero-touch) biometric authentication, temperature detection and mask detection
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm to avoid buddy punching
  • Multiple Verification Methods: Face / Card / Password